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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  March 5, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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those kudos. 175 million followers on social media. 175 million followers. that's the capital she has. that does it for "bulls and bears" we'll see you next time. >> i'm convinced what the president did is authorized. >> no better you think about the president's policy at the southern border, no president, non, should be allowed to discard the constitution and do an end-round around a coequal branch of government. the balance of power is about to be undone by president trump. >> at the end of the day he'll likely get a bill that he'll veto. liz: the republican rebellion on
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capitol hill. we'll show you argument for why the supreme court may not overturn president trump's emergency declaration despite what senator rand paul says. this as the u.s. set a new record for the number of migrant families detained at the borders. big banks saying we don't want to finance detention centers. to the climate change showdown. the hawaii senator blasting opponents of the green new deal. she says they are taking a crazy position and ticking their head in the sand when it comes to climate change. but republicans are saying it's the plan that's crazy. and that republicans are not sticking their head in the sand.
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alexandria ocasio-cortez and her chief of staff accused much potential campaign finance violations involving murky dark money and suber packs. the -- supe super super pacs. if you really want to kill new york city and remove it as the capital of capitalism of the world, then get on board with cortez's push on stock trades. we'll show you the bernie sanders you never knew. the bernie sanders you never knew before. we dug into sanders' policy positions that are hard left progressive based. he's not as hard left as progressives might think. it's all unfolding as the fight
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escalates between bernie's cam and hillary's. we listened to what jerry nadler said during the bill clinton impeachment hearing. we'll spell out what nadler's position was then and what it means now for president trump. juan guaido is back and he's striking right at the heart of nicolas maduro's power. he's getting government workers to walk out of their jobs and go on strike against nicolas maduro. this as maduro's allies bracing for new sanctions that the trump administration wants. that could spell chaos for the socialist regime there. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now.
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welcome to the show. you are watching the fox business network. juan guaido is back. maduro has threatened to imprison him. guaido is calling for strikes to put pressure on maduro to resign and leave office. reporter: opposition leader and interim president juan guaido working to push nicolas maduro from power. he's trying to tint momentum to oust the leader nicolas maduro. despite threats of arrest guaido returned to venezuela yesterday. he spent much of last week visiting leaders in colombia, brazil, weak doran paraguay. the united states and 50 other
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countries recognize guaido as the legitimate leader. >> we think momentum is good. we are going to continue to look at ways that we can support venezuela's humanitarian need on one side and we'll continue to ask other nations to do the same. there has been positive news recently that some venezuelan military and security service personnel standing on the right side of history. reporter: the u.s. has sanctioned the venezuelan oil company and the administration is warning cuba as the cuban government gives substantial support to maduro's regime. let's get to edward lawrence in
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washington on the fight over the president's emergency declaration. reporter: customs and border patrol said they have seen a 300% up cries in family unit crossing the border since october. they say it highlights the need for a barrier to stop this influx. >> this is a crisis such that we have never seen before. majority of people coming into our country are minors and families. reporter: the vice president says he supports legal immigration. president trump received another briefing about the humanitarian crisis at the border.
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the bill stripping the president of his authority to declare a national emergency is set to pass the senate. >> no president should be allowed to discard the constitution and do an end-run around a coequal branch of government. reporter: a court case stopping the president from adding money to what congress already allotted to border security. his administration is working with an agreement with china. the chinese slashing their projections. the talks at the deputy level are ongoing. face-to-face meetings between
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the presidents could happen the last days of march. they are look at march 27 at mashmash -- at mar-a-lago. liz: let's bring in arkansas comingman bruce webster. what's your take in all of that? >> i think it's a crisis at the border. i don't think the president is out of his legal bound using an emergency declaration. you look at what it's been used for in the past, there has been emergency declarations declared for things happening in foreign countries. when it deals with security here in the united states, the president is within his legal bound and his moral obligation to defend our borders hour he can. liz: the "new york times" says border patrol is releasing
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migrants with injuries. "axios" is reporting sexual abuse at immigration detention centers. and you have the banks back away from financing these private contracts. >> i have been to the border and have seen it firsthand. i think the president is well within his means to do this. he tried to get congress to appropriate the money and that failed. this is the option he has at his disposal. liz: let's get your take on the push to impeach the president. jerry nadler made a passionate case for impeachment standard in 1998 during the lewinsky scandal essentially that crimes in office have to be injurious to
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the constitution. he said you don't want a situation where you tear the country apart. he sent the white house dozens of documents requests. the democrats are alleging obstruction of justice. in 2017 trump fired fbi director jim comey and he told nbc's lester holt that he had been planning to fire comey even before he got rod rosenstein's recommendation. >> what the democrats are doing is trying to tear this country apart. they don't even have the mueller investigation report back. they seem to be on a witch hunt. liz: the president said that in an nbc interview. it's on video. their case about obstruction of
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justice, the same case that was made for bill clinton and richard nixon. >> they need to wait until they get the reports back. i think they are creating internal turmoil. there are some who the last thing they want to see is impeachment filed against the president. and others are salivating to do just that. he also said impeachment is essentially a political act that invalidates an election. he's saying the democrats have to convince trump voters and independents and swing voters that they have a case to impeach him. the 30 states where trump won, his approval rating is high. in the 20 states he lost, his approval rate is gaining. this will be a tough battle ahead. don't you think? >> yes, but in the meantime we are not addressing issues like healthcare and things important to the american public. there is very little happening
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on committees on capitol hill. what does happen, another hearing on climate change and the administration official trying to dig up stuff on president trump. coming up on the evening edit. republicans fighting back against democrats like mazie hirono who say people fighting back against the green new deal are crazy. we are going to take to you alabama. authorities identified the 23 victims of those deadly tornadoes. many still missing. how do you determine the durable value of a business
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lizliz: welcome back. authorities identified all 23 victims of the devastating tornadoes in alabama. as many as 8 people are still missing. at least 90 others were injured. jonathan serrie is live in alabama with the latest. reporter: i'm standing in front of a mobile home that was flipped upside down in the storm. you can bet a better perspective on the extent of the damage. you can see the debris field of downed trees and other structures. the identities of all 23 confirmed victims who lost their lives in the storm are confirmed. but they are searching for other victims hidden among the wreckage. >> we are having our investigateddors contacting families and making sure
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individuals who have been unaccounted for are accounted for. >> though many people have lost their homes, i have yet to hear about complains -- complaints with their homes it's more about the personal memorabilia, photos and the like. >> some things are just priceless. reporter: president trump announced he'll be visiting alabama friday to seed the storm damage for himself. liz: turning to democrat senator mazie hirono saying people who oppose ocasio-cortez's green new deal are sticking their heads in
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the and. >> what it stands for is a recognition of climate change. those of his ilk who think global warming and climate change is not happening. liz: republicans are saying you are wrong. we are talking republicans on the house energy committee and senate energy committee as well. joining us, they are saying we are take on climate change. what's your take in all this, john? >> what's really crazy is thinking you can get to hawaii and back on high-speed rail. if air travel is bandit will put a major dent in hawaii's tourism industry. what we are talking about is a wish list. a statement of goals with no
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specification how they might be met. republicans are point out how crazy it is. some republicans are in a and big the whole issue and throwing in the towel. liz: republicans are saying we have common sense solutions. is a just pointed out, a couple of republicans on these committees say we understand it. we get it. we just think the cost is way too much. here is barrasso on fox business earlier. >> we had a non-partisan group take a look at this. they have come out with a report on the overall cost of $93 trillion. there is a number of components that make up the retrofitting of
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homes. a conversion to all sorts of energy that -- renewable sources of energy which makes it a crazy new deal in terms of the cost to american families. too senator barrasso is saying india and china is responsible for the plan. the america is 13%. so they are talking about common sense approaches here including nuclear, carbon capture, fusion, and energy. your take on all that. >> they are right. the plan is ridiculous. the $90 trillion estimate i think is realistic. that's an amount equal to all of the household wealth of all 320 million americans. it would cost about $65,000 per family per year. that's about the average income of the american family. so the numbers are ridiculous. one thing i think the americans
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are smart to talk about is nuclear power. if you assume that carbon emissions pose an existential threat to the planet. wind and solar both produce electricity half the time. nuclear power is affordable, reliable and it's safe. if the democrats are serious about cutting down on co2 emissions, they should be talking about nuclear energy. liz: john, you are terrific, come back soon. we love having you on. >> we are tracking other developing stories for you. scott gottleib resigning. he wants to spend more time with his family. he made a priority to speed up drug approvals. to approve more generic drugs,
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to stop tobacco sales to minors and stop teenage use of e-cigarettes. let's take a look at mercedes-benz unveiling its first all electric race cars. it's known as the arrow zero one and it will race in the electric vehicle racing series. as for speed, we are talking about rocket ship fast. 0-60 in 2.4 seconds. the north carolina winner of the
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$1.5 billion mega millions winner let a person get ahead of him while was standing in line. winter is finally here. the final season trailer, the final battle with the white walker coming to winterville. watch. >> it's got many faces. and -- liz: "the game of thrones" final season premieres april 14. senator rand paul says he's confident the supreme court will rule against president trump's
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emergency declaration on the border wall. we'll show you the bernie sanders you never saw, the bernie sanders you never knew. he's not always been the progressive on the campaign trail. we'll ask matt schlapp about that one. ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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liz: let's get back to the republican rebellion against president trump's emergency declaration. senator rand paul says the supreme court could overrule the president and side with them. he says the president is circumventing congressional spending powers. is the president really circumvejt their spending powers? or is he speaking to spend money already appropriated for the
6:30 pm
same mission congress spelled out. the declaration of the president of a national emergency, the president can spend the money already appropriated for military construction. he can build fenlss and barriers to combat drug smuggling. >> i listened to what rand had to say. i think he's taking a philosophical approach to it. i think it's clear when the president ran in 2016. border security was at the top of the heat when it came to what he wanted to do. i think rand and a few on the -- i -- and a few others, and
6:31 pm
myself, i had a little heartburn with an emergency declaration. but i think it is an knowledge and a crisis at the border. nothing we vote on here is pure and simple. i think rand is right. we have probably give and lot of power to the executive branch over time. that means we need to be more awere tough. too president trump declared libya a national emergency. george w. bush spent money there. money has already been appropriated. >> exactly my point. that's why i'll be with the president on it. unique thing about being a senator. everyone has a different angle they approach it from. rand has that -- and i share that libertarian streak as well. but in this case i think president trump made the case,
6:32 pm
other presidents have don't. all the democrats were for a lot more than what he's actually doing. and i'm going to be with the president on this one, i think rand, that's his opinion. they will be more with the president than against him. and i think his veto, the veto won't be overridden. >> blumenthal says he's the first president to do this. it's going to be a heck of a fight. >> that's politics. >> nancy pelosi is telling house democrats to get raid ready to pass the dream act. i want to get your take. this is a big push for you. what's your plan for congress to lower steep drug prices? >> it's 10 years ago i took on the big health insurance companies, myself and my own business. i was very unhappy with the cascade of premium costs going
6:33 pm
up. i had to do something out of the box and it wasn't easy at the time. what i'm doing currently leading as a senator. enough is enough. the healthcare industry if it wants to be any -- have any resemblance to what it has been where you can keep the best of it. it will have to get with it. my plan is going to take three different processes to make drugs easier to get at lower prices, make the process transparent, and hold drug companies accountable where they try to a thwart the process of a necessitier inic -- of a generic coming to market. mostly transparency. because the whole healthcare industry, especially drug companies, live in a shrouded environment. that needs to change. liz: it's a big lobbying power,
6:34 pm
too. we'll take you back to the socialist collapse of venezuela. u.s. is ramping up pressure on cuba. cuba is scrambling. is bernie sanders really as progressive as he likes to make out he is? we go deep. we found stunning answers. we'll show you the bernie sanders you never knew and never saw before. that's coming up next. ♪ [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
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liz: we are about to show you the bernie sanders you may never have seen before. he's not the left-wing progressive his base thinks he is. with hillary clinton not running anymore, her team is pointing this out. let's bring in matt schlapp.
6:39 pm
sanders never talks about this. but? 2007 he voted against senator ted kennedy's immigration reform bill because he said in a speech on the senate floor that he didn't like the had a guest worker program that he said would slam low and middle american workers' pay. >> the one who had the same position was barack obama. they did that because a lot of the washington, d.c. union leaders were against it as well. i don't know if that's a clean hit, liz. liz: bernie told lou dobbs in 2007, i don't know why we need millions of people of to be coming into this country as guest workers to work for lower wages and drive wages down lower than they are. the middle class gets shrunken and wages go down. that's what bernie said then. and that seems to be against the
6:40 pm
democrat party line now. hispanic voters said in the past, why should we support bernie sanders. >> senator sanders had a lot of trouble with diverse voters in the democratic primary process. he had trouble in the african-american community and he might have trouble from the hispanic community as well. liz: he voted for the tough on crime 1994 crime bill that bill clinton supported. that led to complaints of mass incarceration. he attacked hillary clinton for that bill despite the fact he supported it. sanders also opposed a large number of gun measures. he voted five times against the brady bill. he voted to have guns on amtrak trains and voted repeatedly against holding gun makers liable for their products.
6:41 pm
>> he's from vermont. vermont has a healthy tradition of supporting the 2nd amendment. but that 1994 crime bill was a disaster of a bill. and i think it's fair game for the democrats to take him on on that vote. liz: he's been accused of being wishy washy on gay marriage. until 2009 he said it was a matter for the states to decide. and he said vermont should not purchase sight at all. here is another thing to your point. an income poll says the least desirable qualities in the 2020 race is being a socialist over age 75. >> bernie sanders has a lot to overcome to be competitive in this primary. but remember barack obama was for traditional marriage up until his reelection in 2012.
6:42 pm
liz: news broke moments ago. new york city mayor michael bloomberg saying he'll not run in 2020. >> he has all the money and ambition. you know what his problem is? he has the howard schultz problem. he's a billionaire capitalist who made a lot of money. i think the democrats are way more into socialism than capitalism. liz: the trump administration is ramping up the pressure on nicolas maduro in venezuela. they are also turning up the heat on cuba. alexandria ocasio-cortez and her chief of staff in hot water over an outside super pac * they control.
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liz: ousted goanes released in
6:47 pm
china. we'll bring you the video as soon as it comes in. he's awaiting trial on charges he transferred losses to the japanese car maker. let's get you to breaking developments in venezuela. nicolas maduro breaking his silence after juan guaido came back home. he said he would defeat a crazed minority determined to destabilize venezuela. juan guaido is publicly talking to government union workers saying go out on strike. this as the trump administration is intensifying pressure on cuba. letting lawsuits against dozens of cue back businesses be filed.
6:48 pm
the white house filing sanctions on cuba for its support of maduro. gregg, what's your take on all of this? >> i think it's absolutely marvelous that once again under president trump america finally has the courage to project its power into our hemisphere to promote freedom, to liberate an oppressed people, and they have been waiting for us for years. as soon as we get involved. what look what happened. an opposition candidate arises, there is an alternative for the venezuelan people. a legitimate alternative. we are making that possible and it's a wonderful, wonderful thing, long overdue. liz: people of cuban descent here in this country and
6:49 pm
venezuelans here say they are outraged and angry about president obama's trip in 2016 when he went to cuba before the presidential elections. he did the wave at a baseball game and sat in front of a econom -- infront of a che mura. >> i was ashamed. going there on their soil, celebrating with them in front of propaganda symbols of their hateful present days on an entire hemisphere is inappropriate. it puts the american good housekeeping seal of approval on a dictatorship.
6:50 pm
liz: civil rights abuses, people chained to walls, people shot in the back. those are things the cuban regime has been accused of. >> here is the crime cuba has to live with. in america the per capita gdp for americans, ripe and poor, about $60,000 a year. you know what it is in venezuela? $12,000 a year. that means no matter who you are in those societies, you are -- your life is being ruined under grinding poverty. your life in cuba, the best possible life is the life in america would be seen as dwriengd unacceptable poverty. that is something we cannot stand by idly and let exist. liz: we want to bring you
6:51 pm
clarification. the ousted nissan motors chair is expected to be released from a jail in japan after three months. his hell team did win bail. we'll get you the alexandria ocasio-cortez story. she has been on a campaign about dark money and campaigns. we'll get to the bottom of it next. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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congresswoman alexandria okays ya cortez in the center of a storm of controversy. it's beyond the financial services tax ideas that she has that could tank new york city as the capital of finance. basically a tax that will stop trades and more. now this. allegations over dark money involving her own campaign's
6:56 pm
finances. let's bring in ford o'connell. ford, the complaint is this. two political action committees that were run by representative cortez and her chief of staff funneling over 885,000 dollars into two of the chief of staff's private companies to potentially the charge is, according to the complaint, filed with the fac. your take on all of this. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez condemns dark money but it's quite clear, at least based on this allegation right now, she does not practice what she preaches. i think if you look around a lot of other networks, they seem to downplay it. if the allegations are true, you're talking about serious fines and possibly jail time. >> you know, he was charged with
6:57 pm
a felony own donations made to wendy long. the allegations seem bigger than what sousa did here. >> no, you're not wrong. what they're basically saying it was a cutout, as a way to dodge contribution limits and disclosure rules, far bigger than sousa was accused of which was in that case acting as a strawman or person. >> the thing with pacs and the campaign finance laws, there are strict limits on how much money you're allowed to raise. there's questions about what the allegations are here. but setting up the two separate llc's, two private companies run by the chief of staff to take in money from the campaign, it also is really murky. here's cortez denying all of this. watch. >> do you have any comment on the fcc violation filed against you. >> there is no violation. >> do you think that's a sign of
6:58 pm
you taking dark money? >> oh, no. >> so she's denying it. is there a chance that her campaign was not up to speed on having the right people in place to understand what the laws say? this is serious stuff. >> it is serious stuff. there's a possibility that she did receive bad legal advice. but when it comes to pacs, ignorance of the law is not an excuse. here's someone who also constantly says that donald trump is above the law and doesn't play by the rules and it appears, right now at least, that she's doing much of the say that she accuses trump of. >> you've run a pac. you know what the laws say. if you all of the sudden set up two private companies that are taking money from your campaign and you don't know what it's spent on, you have to file detailed reports on how the money was spent, right? >> that's right. and the more different ways you try to say the money passed through, the more explaining you're going to have to do. that's why it raises a lot of
6:59 pm
red flag. there's strict disclosure limits that doesn't seem to do anything other than be an exsteks of the pac in terms of payouts and how to use the money. >> there's talk that cortez is open to amazon coming back. she's on the financial services committee if i'm not mistaken. the robin hood tax on stock trade. it's been around since the "70s. the trades go elsewhere, hong kong, london. the quickest way to tank new york city, do the tran action tn texatax that cortez wants. >> as you and i both know when it comes to taxes, when you start with something smag it only gets bigger and you can't put the genn jeannie back in.
7:00 pm
lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: good evening, everybody. radical dimms and some rino republicans warring on the president and his administration. rino senator and koch brothers booster rand paul now says as many as ten republicans may well vote to oppose the president's national emergency declaration to secure the border in the senate. some of the sniffling rinos wants to go even fut, we're told. they would like to act texts that would reprimand president trump in that resolution. apparently they can't stand the idea that our president is fulfilling his presidential


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